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I looked at her and nodded and sat back down on the couch. She pointed the remote towards the stereo and pressed play. I sat there in awe of my eighte...n year old niece as she began to seduce me with a lap dance to AWOLNATION's Sail. Her hands rising through her hair and above her head as the music began to play.Jess turned and looked back at me as she bent forward at the waist revealing her tight ass. I wanted so much to reach out and grasp her ass with both hands but held back while she. I lie on my back with my legs spread wide and you move over me, kissing me first on the lips, then moving slowly down my throat to my hard nipples. There, you to stop to carress my soft flesh, sucking and nibbling before biting my nipples just hard enough to get a little whimper of pain from me, then you go back to sucking and licking. When you decide you've sucked my nipples enough, you move downward, and place a hickey on the bottom side of each breast, where no one but the two of us will. The two smaller pliers were clamped one to each nipple. I couldn't take the pain! I tried to remove them and he tied my hands using his belt. I tried to scream, but his cum gun was effectively muffling any sounds from me. "You want these off?" he asked while he shoved himself as far down my throat as he could. He thenstarted pulling both the smaller tools (on my poor angonized nips) twisting back and forth at the same time. He continued until the tools finally tore the skin and pulled loose. He. I could not help myself and started to suck the whole shaft, it was so hot. I looked up and K was and fingering herself, I could hear how wet she was. I asked her if she wanted some. She said yes, climbed onto his face in the 69 position and we both started to suck his cock. She was moaning, he was eating her so well. She pulled her mouth off his cock and said to me she had to fuck his gorgeous cock. I said only if I get to eat him after he cums in you. She moaned and said yes. She turned.

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