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She was no masseur, she was too gentle, not at all like her mother. But Dave much preferred it, she was very chatty, she told Dave about her boyfriend...and all the homework she had to do. Dave listened to all she had to say but he was aware of his cock growing ever bigger. He tried to think of different things to take his mind of it, but the mount under the towel was getting ever bigger and higher.Jane looked at the towel and smiled. She said, ‘It’s OK, I know what that is’,she touched it. "And I'm tellin' you, Carlson, this dagnabbed noisy race track of you'rn is makin' my hens stop layin' and my cows have stopped givin' milk." "Listen Bailey, we've been over this before. You knew damn well this track was here when you bought that farm. Now that you're down the road you start bitching about the noise. I was here first." "Thet's a prime piece of land and I intend to farm it. I paid good money for it to Sutter's widder; she wuz lettin' the place go to blazes. It's prime land I. But I also started kissing her on cheeks this went on for 2-3 days. Then suddenly while talking I got enough courage to kiss her on lips she was taken aback but she reacted normally and said she doesn’t like this do what ever u want but don’t kiss on lips. I said whatever I want? She said yes. I hugged her tight to feel her boos and patted her ass. She said nothing ran away. Then I was really scared and was worried that she might not come again. And she didn’t come next day. For 3 days she. Next he asked me with what I fuck my ass and I told him that I do not have toys and I use veggies, fruits, objects. He told me to peel off 3 big bananas and to cur them in small pcs. Than he forced me to shove all pcs in my ass. Than he told me to tape my ass, so to be sure that none of the banana pcs will went our. I felt very uncomfortable standing on cam like that. Than he told me to sit and asked me have I tasted my piss and shit. I was confused, but I told him that I did tasted. Than he.

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