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By the time we arrive at the resort the Melissa and Jenny seem to have become new best friends while the two Pauls have struggled to get a word into t...e conversation. The girls have organized for us to meet for dinner that evening and have challenged the guys to a round of golf the following day.We book in and are led to our room, which feels bigger than my apartment back in Sydney. It overlooks acres of swimming lagoons and comes with a marble bathroom and 2 person Jacuzzi spa bath. Almost. The groans and shouts of revulsion almost sounded genuine. Someone with a strong throwing arm drilled me with a cookie. So it had the desired effect. So I let them off the hook.“You guys can do this without me,” I grinned. “Thanks for allowing me to a joke at your expense.”“Dad, why don’t you go find your beautiful bride-to-be and treat her to something more civilized than public sex?” my daughter actually asked me.“She and Belle ought to be just about worn out right now,” Sara said with a. The whole picture was sultry and sensuous, the AI's slightly Polynesian features, proud, long neck and her pouting, bowed lips teasing Scott's imagination, as he thought of them wrapped firmly round his staff."We can't have her walking around the house like that," said Fiona.Scott glanced at both of his wives and saw that the satisfied looks of only moments before had vanished, to be replaced by frosty stares at both him and the AI. He blushed as he felt his cock respond to the sight of the. "I need to be out of Earth orbit by the time your concubine is out of our sick bay. So, if you're not going with me, I hate that you have your property stuck in my med-tube."But that is not the worst thing you're facing. Right now, the way things are going, you have two choices being offered by the people in charge of extractions from Earth. You have not declared your service and you have no prior military experience, however AI's and the powers that be have slotted you as an officer candidate..

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