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I uttered a soft grunt, but said nothing. His right hand began caressing my side, along my breast, feeling the uncovered side of my boob, and then tra...ling down my chest, his fingers delicately feeling my ribcage. Still, my eyes were locked on his. I was afraid to speak, to give him what I think he wanted. Scratch that, what I know he wanted. Me. I just wasn’t thinking I wanted him to have me. His fingers continued to trail down my side, under my bare arm, until he reached the slit of my gown.. .. I mean... um..." Compared to other women's," he prompted. The guy at the register was obviously listening intently."I don't know," I said softly, blushing beet red. "I've never been around other women."Jay barked a laugh and dragged me to the nearest section of videos. He pointed to a couple of the covers. "Like hers?" he asked, "Or hers?"I thought for a moment I was going to faint. I looked around at the various videos, and finally picked one that depicted a woman whose breasts looked the. She said that he got caught up in the opiod epidemic. He started taking pills, lost his job, went to rehab twice, but he couldn’t shake it and she let him go 3 years ago. I guess opiods hit this area hard. I felt bad for him. His parents had moved to New York and the last she heard, that was where he was at. His parents were well off and Judy got a very nice divorce settlement. She met Stephanie a year ago, one thing led to another and one night they got drunk and ended up in bed with each. My other hand found it's way down to cup his balls and knead them in the palm of my hand while my other hand slid up to choke him off just below the head of his cock. Then my mouth encased the tip, my lips meeting the knuckled of my thumb and index finger. I sucked down hard and as my hand slid down toward the base of his cock, my mouth followed.The repetition of this motion a few times caused him to leak some of his precum onto my tongue. His hand began to pet my head and tug on my scarlet.

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