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I had been turned on since I had first seen this stranger, and I SO wanted to feel his hard body on top of mine.Once inside his apartment, we sat on t...e couch and he poured me a drink. I found myself staring at him, unable to speak. He sat his drink down on the table and slowly moved towards me, gently putting one of his strong hands on my cheek. He pulled my face to his, and kissed me deeply. His soft lips and warm, gentle tongue played passionately with mine, and sent warm sensations through. My hard nipples were being licked and sucked; while my soaking pussy was being rubbed very nicely…I just enjoyed it, completely out of me. When I finally could speak, I just begged them:“Guys, I want your big cocks…”They lowered their trousers, letting me admire these hard cocks.Manuel was even thicker than my beloved hubby’s; but Wilson had a real black monster cock, he was more than eleven inches’ long.I knelt down in front of them and began sucking on their cocks.I sucked one and jerked. Sonia: Well. Whats your tomorrow’s plan ha. lol.My heart came in my mouth by seeing the reply. I took some courage and said “I know u saw us doing naughty things on the terrace. Please keep it a secret.” For this her reply was more shocking. She said “I will keep this as a secret only if you let me watch you guys having sex. And don’t let Alisha know about this.” I felt this idea kind of kinky and said yes. I said Alisha to meet me tomorrow at an under construction building that was vacant for. In the weeks that followed, Cassandra had, at first, resisted, but several sessions with the whip and she no longer openly questioned her mistress.She and Laurel were talking as they ate breakfast together in the apartment, Vickie having already left for the office."Laurel, last night they tied me on a table and then stood in line to take me. There were almost a hundred people at that party." And they all..." Yes, every one. This is no better than the Empire Club." Yes, I know," agreed Laurel.

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